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More than 5000 users already use Lya2. Do you want to join our community?

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The commitment of Lya2 is to continue working to offer new tools to facilitate and make your work more dynamic


At your fingertips

Wherever you are, with just a few clicks, Lya2 lets you program in a fast, flexible and efficient way, a daily, monthly or even annual schedule for all the members of your medical team.

In just a few seconds you can assign shifts and work areas, on-call duties, holidays, seminar days, personal days and many other tasks, interacting with all users who will be able to ask for a schedule change, in a truly easy and functional way.


Because we know that each work activity has particular specifications, we will make Lya2 fit perfectly to all your needs and meet all the requirements of the operating structure of your department work processes.


Lya2 has been formed by a team of qualified professionals who will be at your disposal to offer customised technical support or to resolve any queries that may arise regarding the operation and use of the application.


Lya2 has been created by a team of experts thoroughly familiar with the health services sector and with many years of experience in the management and control of processes in the field of health.

Our perfect understanding of the healthcare sector and its needs means Lya2 will become your best ally.

More than 5000 users already utilize Lya2. Do you want to join our community?



The prices of Lya2 are established depending on the number of users in the medical department.

Up to
20 users

180€/ Month

20 and 100 users

260€/ Month

100 users

390€/ Month

* Lya2 has no installation cost. All prices are excluding VAT.
** Price over 100 users will be applied for language different than Spanish

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